Tactical Self-Defense Pen - Self-Defense Weapon for Women with DNA Catcher

  • DNA CATCHER FEATURE: Ultra-sharp crown top digs into skin of attacker, and catches DNA for identification purposes
  • POWERFUL SELF DEFENSE TOOL:  Our Tactical Self-Defense Pen can cause pain by sharp tool edge can cause attacker to release and give you or your loved one a chance to get away
  • SMALL LIGHTWEIGHT SIZE: Made from thick, lightweight aluminum casing, and designed in one small pen shape that fits in purse or pocket.
  • PROVIDES PEACE OF MIND: Feel more confident at night in shopping mall parking lots, garages, and city streets with this self defense tool for women
  • FUNCTIONAL BALLPOINT PEN: Sleek, comfortable-grip pen has a clip to attach, and uses standard ballpoint refills.

Do you worry about yourself, spouse or loved ones who leave work after dark and have to cross dark parking lots or garages, or walk in the dark at night? Would you like to feel more confident and protected when you're out alone?

Here's something that every woman and teenage girl is going to want to keep in their purse, especially if they leave work after dark, attend college, or spend time shopping at the mall or in the city at night! It' a self-defense weapon that is small and lightweight, yet durable, takes up little space in a handbag or pocket, and can be concealed better than other weapons because it's also a functional ballpoint pen!

It's called a tactical pen, and it has an ultra-sharp 'crown' on one end that can dig into an attacker's skin, causing enough pain to possibly make him release his grip for you to get away. It also catches the assailant's DNA in the sharp crown edge, which provides the police with solid indisputable evidence to take him off the streets and prevent others from experiencing the same kind of violence!

The ballpoint pen uses standard ballpoint refills, and is a fine writing instrument in itself! Provide a mini-bodyguard for your loved ones, and give yourself peace of mind that if they need to defend themselves, they have the self-defense product to do so! Also makes a great stocking stuffer. Click 'Add to Cart' now, and order your tactical pen today!