About us

Thank you for visiting our website where we offer products that will help your traveling life easier. We also help you carry, organize and travel with your stuff. We are a small family business and we will be glad to answer your questions at info@bayfieldbags.com or you can call us at (877) 274-8830.

We understand the rigors of travel better than most, because we watched our son travel across the globe for many years while serving in the Air Force. As he stayed on the go while serving, he went through several bags.

That’s how Bayfield Bags store began. Today, after providing effective travel solutions for so many men on the go, we still do our part to honor those men and women who serve our country. That is why a portion of each sale goes to providing financial support for the families who sacrifice so much so that their loved ones can serve our country.

Bayfield Bags started with a simple goal, but we’ve that goal grow through the years as we continue to provide travel kits and bags for the men who need them most. World class durability for world class travelers.

We set out with one goal in mind:

To create the travel bags that would incorporate the durability you should expect and the functionality that you deserve. We understand that organization is important when you’re traveling. You want to make sure you have everything you need while taking up as little space as possible.

That’s why we’ve designed our bags with compartments and pockets that can hold all of your travel essentials without overcrowding your luggage. Each of our bags are made from the highest quality leather or waxed canvas, meaning they’ll hold up when you need them most.

Traveling is already full of challenges and stress, but at Bayfield Bags we believe that your travel bags shouldn’t add to them. We designed our line to make travel a little bit easier.


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