Leather Mens Wallet–Bifold Leather Mens Wallet–RFID Mens Wallet-Slim Front Pocket Style

• GENUINE VINTAGE STYLE OILED LEATHER: Designed in rich Chestnut leather, this bifold mens wallet will mark and weather in attractive vintage style as he carries our leather mens wallet.
• RFID BLOCKING TECHNOLOGY: RFID-shielding fabric layer prevents electronic pickpocketing and protects your identity
• 8 CARD SLOTS: Eight stacked credit card slots make it easy to find the right card in an instant
• DIVIDED BILLFOLD: A centrally-divided billfold makes it easy to store and retrieve cash and receipts
• STREAMLINED DESIGN: This men’s designer wallet measures 4.5” x 3.5” and is just ½ inch thick, lying flat and lightweight in a front pocket or jacket pocket

He's ahead of his time…savvy…smart…we stop just short of calling him a techno geek…but you know his face lights up when he sees the latest cutting edge invention! He will pull this wallet out of his front pocket to pay the bill on the 25th floor veranda restaurant overlooking the waves rolling into the Miami oceanfront hotel.

It looks like a classic leather mens wallet bifold…streamlined to just ½ inch thick, in rich Chestnut leather. It looks like it’s been his favorite accessory for years, with marks, lines and vintage style, and signs of wear that just give it character, recording his daily journey through life.

 But, as we know, looks can be deceiving…and this wallet is more than just a pretty face. It’s got state of the art technology built into the very fiber of its being! Between the exterior leather and the interior 8 slots for credit cards and divided billfold is an RFID-shielding material that prevents electronic pickpocketing.

Radio Frequency IDentification skimming is virtually undetectable, yet can cause more than a little inconvenience and trouble that this guy just doesn’t have time for. He would much rather take his favorite date to lunch with a view!