Duffel Bags


The great thing about duffel bags is their versatility. Its large cylindrical shape and top zippered enclosure make it handy for quick trips. Coupled with handles and shoulder straps, they are easy to carry around. Leather duffel bags are stylish and durable, especially men’s leather duffel bags. Leather weekender bags will hold everything you need for that quick getaway.

What is a duffel bag used for?

Perhaps the correct question is, what isn’t it used for? They can be used to carry around a change of clothes, sporting equipment, gym gear, and business equipment, just to name a few. For a little extra style, look for leather duffel bags. Duffel bags are the ultimate rough and ready luggage, capable of holding everything you quickly throw into it for a last-minute trip.

What duffel bag size should I get?

What is the best duffel bag for me, you ask? It depends on what how you want to use it. Consider what you will be using your new duffel bag for. Make sure it will have enough volume inside to hold all of your belongings. Large duffel bags can carry such things as musical instruments and even skis. Check the height, width and depth of the bag you are considering, and purchase accordingly. Look at the main compartment size and the zipper shape – these will have an effect on how easily things can get in and out. Do you need additional pockets for small items? Do you want the pockets inside or out?

What is a travel duffel bag?

A travel duffel bag is generally one that you can take with you on the plane. These are smaller, with enough pockets to hold such things as a laptop, toiletries, office supplies, etc. Items you can access easily while going through security or while in flight. Travel duffel bags will have both handles and shoulder straps – handy whether you are navigating through tight spaces or running down the terminal to catch your flight. Having a leather travel duffel bag that is water-resistant, lightweight and durable is important.

How to pack a duffel bag?

You want to make the most out of each square inch of your bag. Fill the bottom of your bag with item you won’t need in a hurry. Put the most durable and low-priority items at the bottom. Clothing items like pajamas and pants also should be packed first. Roll your clothes, this creates more packing room for other things, while also minimizing wrinkling. As you near the top of the bag, pack items such as socks, underwear, and items you need to access quickly, such as toiletries. Once everything is packed, secure your bag with a small lock, using a TSA-approved lock if you are flying.

Will a duffel bag work as a carry on?

Duffel carry-on bags follow the same rules as any other carry-on bags. Check with the airline you are flying to make sure yours is small enough for you to carry on the plane with you. Most do – only the largest duffel bags not work. A leather overnight bag as a carry on will hold a change of clothes just in case, heaven forbid, your checked luggage gets delayed or lost on route.