July 23, 2019 3 min read

All of us are so busy these days. With our obligations to work, family and friendships, it can often times be hard to find the time to go on that trip you’ve been thinking about. We get bogged down by our day-to-day activities and many times that dream vacation takes a back burner.

Try not to let that happen so much!

All it takes is a little creativity and the right travel bag! Like this great laptop leather bag.

If you do any work from your laptop, now you have no excuse to not have time to get away. This bag is extremely durable, holding your laptop safe, and it looks good. A men’s leather laptop bag can also be used by women!

Aside from the right luggage, there are other ways of carving out your precious time for travel. Ask yourself if you’d rather take 2-3 days for a long weekend, or taking a longer trip – up to two weeks – to visiting another country. Make a short list of places you’d like to go, and set a 2-5 year plan on when to visit them.  As time goes on, adjust accordingly, as your ‘wish list’ will most definitely evolve.

Take That Trip to the Water

Whether it’s the ocean or the local lake, spending your downtime next to water is always a great idea. The best duffel bag for this is

Or a weekend bag:

Travel as a Priority

If you really want to take that long trip, say to Australia, but don’t have the time, perhaps reset your priorities. If taking time off work is the problem, share this with your employer. More companies are recognizing the need for workers to take extended vacations to recharge their batteries. It’s the whole work/life balance concept and it’s taking hold in a big way.

Do you work for yourself? Start planning on ways to get someone you trust to cover for you. Even the best jobs need to be put on hold, for just a little while, as you explore the world. You can always keep in touch on the road. As far as family obligations, try to pick a time when you are needed the least. And again, priorities are important. Do you REALLY need to help Aunt Jenny paint her house? She can always get someone else to do it instead of you!

Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Great Staycation

You’ve heard the term. Choosing your very own city as a vacation spot is gaining in popularity. Or even the next town over. Be a tourist in your own back yard. Out and about on the town, you need something fashionable that is also practical and will last. Such as a hip bag. Try this one:

Vacationing on your home turf is the perfect way to ‘get away’ while also being close to home, should anything come up. The best way to do this is around a weekend, or when you think you’ll have a couple of days of quiet time. Book a local fancy hotel, make that dinner reservation, and live it up!

Leather shoulder bags are another option:

They are great for quick trips around town and are good organizers. Whatever your travel plans may be, make it a priority to take them. Then you can return to your life recharged.


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