July 31, 2019 2 min read

Nothing is more exciting than getting in your vehicle and hitting the open road. Whether you are going solo or with friends, it is the simple act of exploration – going to a new destination and making stops along the way, that can make you feel alive.

Whether you have a particular destination in mind, or just want to “fly by the seat of your pants”, you should have some sort of plan in place. This will give you a hassle-free experience, and allow you to enjoy yourself during your adventures.

Bring the Right Gear

You want to pack light, so pack with us! We’ve got lots of great leather bags and organizers to make your next road trip easy. Browse our laptop leather bags, leather messenger bags for men, leather duffel bags for men, travel wallets and more to find that perfect luggage item.

Take only what you absolutely need, so you are not bogged down with hauling too many clothes and accessories that are unnecessary. You will no doubt find laundry facilities along the way, so bring only the minimal amount of clothing and wear, wash, repeat.

Make Sure Your Vehicle is Road Trip Worthy

If you are taking your own car, make sure it has been tuned up recently. If not, consider having it checked out before you leave. Get an oil change. If you have a junky car, rent one! Today’s rentals are newer, get great gas mileage, have lots of features, are generally more comfortable, even the economy rentals. Also, make sure your insurance company covers rentals (most do!)

Bring Along Great Audio Goodies

Load up on your favorite tunes and/or audiobooks - whatever you like to listen to at home. Those many miles of road tripping will have to be filled somehow, especially if you are taking the trip alone! If you have companions, you will run out of things to talk about eventually, so you might as well rock out on the highway.

Try Not to Book Accommodation Ahead of Time

Unless there is a destination hotel you REALLY want to stay in, it’s best to book your accommodation on the fly. You don’t want to lock yourself to a destination, then be forced to get there by the end of the day if you found something great along the way where you decided to spend a little extra time. There are several hotel booking apps you can use to make a quick reservation when you’re done driving for the day. Pro trip: bring your own pillow and duvet to make any space or bed more comfortable!

Limit Your Driving to Six Hours or Less

I know you want to get to that special place quickly, but slow and steady wins the race. Don’t be a hero and try to get in 10 or more hours on the road, you will just feel cranky when you reach your destination. Pace yourself. This way, you can make stops along the way to see the sights and do it leisurely. A stressful road trip is not a happy road trip. Especially during the fall and winter, you generally do not want to drive at night, if you can help it.


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