July 27, 2019 2 min read

One of the most important things to do while you are on the road is keeping your items safe. Valuable items such as your laptop, credit cards, identification, passport…all of these are essential to making your trip go smoothly.
Having a practical mindset is a requirement for any traveler in keeping these items safe. But also, you will want to store these items in your leather luggage and/or travel wallet - will help with the safety issue. Our RFID Wallets are perfect for this.

Our leather laptop messenger bags can be slung across the shoulder, keeping your precious laptop safe and close to your person.

Tips for Keeping your Valuable Items Safe

• If you find yourself sleeping on a train, bus, or plane, always keep your money, passport, credit cards, camera, laptop, etc. strapped to you and out of sight. Keep your wallets in zippered pockets, where it is out of reach. Our handy leather backpacks are great for this. Don’t put them under the bus, check them on a plane or give them to your taxi/Uber driver. Always keep them with you.

• Invest in a PacSafe for use in your leather backpack, leather duffel bag or leather messenger bag. This way you can lock it to something secure.
• Don’t take more than you need. Leave the expensive jewelry and non-essential electronics at home.

• If you have to leave something at your hotel, make sure your room has a safe and store ALL valuables in there. If not, ask the hotel concierge if they have their own hotel safe. Read hotel reviews to make sure they have these type of amenities.

• Always purchase travel insurance, read the fine print and make sure you are covered in case of theft. If you have homeowner’s insurance or a renter’s policy, you can also check this to see if they cover loss of valuable while traveling.
• When out in public after dark, always be alert and don’t drink too much alcohol (especially if you are alone.) Having your wits about you in unfamiliar territory is ideal.

• Be wary of travel scams. Anyone offering to help you with your bags at a train or bus station, or airline terminal can be a potential thief. Do not accept any assistance with bags unless you know they are staff working to help you.

• Don’t put down your bag with your valuables in a public place for any reason. Until you are completely alone in your hotel room or other private space, your bag should always be strapped to you in some way.

• Always be aware of your surroundings. If something doesn’t look right or makes you feel uncomfortable, just keep walking and don’t take off your bag for

Having said all of this, the world is not a horrible place. The vast majority of people are friendly to you if you come across as friendly and purposeful yourself. As long as you are careful, you will be free to enjoy your travels. Using your leather travel accessories go a long way to ensuring your valuables are safe.

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